Users are always right

Have you ever used a towel to grab a hot pan out of the oven? Towels weren’t meant for this, yet they work just fine if folded over a couple times.

If I were a guy who works for the towel company, I’d be very interested to see why you used a towel instead of a hot-pad for lifting that pan. I might even be inclined to make my towel more heat-resistant if I discovered that there was a market for lined towels. I would then be a hot-pad guy, rather than a towel guy.

To an Experience Design professional, there is no right or wrong use, there is just use.

To an Experience Design professional, there’s no right or wrong use, there is just use. And what makes this industry more enjoyable year after year is that how we use things is constantly changing. Surgical gloves have found a place in the kitchen, moist towelettes are found in American bathrooms, wrenches have given way to vice grips, and compost is the new manure. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to wash a pan with surgical gloves, nor are the surgical glove makers unhappy with the ‘wrong’ use you’ve found for their product. Quite the contrary, they love it. Using surgical gloves in this manner has been a boon to their industry, with customers buying them in large lots at every Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart.

Use products any way you want to. To those of us that are watching how you interact with them, there is no right or wrong way.