Business Strategy

Your consulting dollars are limited. We get that. We won’t provide you with newly minted grads and MBA’s preparing PowerPoints about blue sky maybe’s. At First User Group, strategic consulting starts with providing you with industry experts who have deep experience in your business and the competitive landscape. Add to this expertise a methodology that builds on over 20 years of helping business succeed, and your problems will soon be a thing of the past.

First User Group has improved operations and product for dozens of mid-cap and Fortune companies around the globe in high-tech electronics, digital services, CPG and retail. We ARE the experts, and our work touches 90% of Americans every day in product, services, and messaging from some of our greatest clients.

Brands practicing Experience Design are beating

the market by over 300%.

Market Intelligence

To gain advantages in your business, you need to know your customer and competitors better than anyone in the world. First User Group methods provide deep data about your customer, product, and market.

The Innovation Engine

Our Innovation Engine is 15 years strong with commercial successes in both B2B and B2C marketplaces. We’ve got the insights and the process to make innovation a reality every time.

Design Thinking: Installed

It may seem like a new buzzword, but Design Thinking is what the top companies in the United States and Europe are using to lead their industries. We adopted Design Thinking in the last century, and have helped hundreds of clients discover the power of understanding how customer insight can transform and grow entire organizations.

Organizational Freedom

All organizations fall prey to bureaucracy. Embracing internal challenges will help the great ideas bubble to the top. We can make that happen.

Our favorite things in life are simple.

Simple is hard.

Case Study (Strategy)

Home Improvement Store – Ecommerce

Strategic design for navigation/video.

Bring down cart-abandonment by 50%.

Case Study (Strategy)

#1 Business Intelligence Provider

Maximize subscription rates among Fortune client base.

Design an experience that builds trust and exclusivity.


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