Taking Design and Innovation to the next level

Design is more than just making something look pretty. Design is about the behavioral and emotional impact a product can have on an individual. So how to design a product that people fall in love with? How can you go beyond the spec sheet and create an emotional bond?

This is what First User Group designers live for, to push the envelope of behavioral science and discover emotional triggers. The result is product that people not only buy/use, but love.

First User Group designs touch 90% of American consumers every day and our work with Disney and LG brought our footprint to the global stage. We are also home to the famed ‘Innovation Engine,’ our method of discovering what’s next for both digital and physical product companies.

So ditch that untested prototype and give us a call, we’ll make you something beautiful… and loved.

Design for Someone, rather than Everyone.

Electronic/IoT Product Design

We know how to do this right. We’ve won the ‘Best of CES,’ ‘Inventor of the Year,’ and our electronic designs have been featured in Wired, Forbes, and USA Today.

Product Discovery

Our Innovation Engine has been creating new and groundbreaking product for over a decade. Let us find your next big thing.

Digital Product Design

Our digital designs touch hundreds of millions of people. We don’t use templates or try to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’

The Joneses copy what we do.

Electronic and Digital Product Testing

There’s no more room for 3-star products, period. Our testing protocols have helped countless products launch to 4 and 5 star reviews and have saved many others from total disaster.

No one is their own best customer.

Case Study (SW Design)

Alarm Clock App

Build a profitable alarm clock app among 600 competitors.

Bringing the physical world to a mobile device.

Case Study (SW/HW Design)

Asian Smartphone Manufacturer

Study discreet market segment to design both HW/SW for a smartphone.

Seniors have very different needs when considering small screens!


Innovation and outstanding products are only an email away…
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